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Established in 1996, in NAGPUR, Maharashtra, India, R.B & Co. is a rapidly prospering company and has acquired a huge clientele base across the globe. The company generates an annual turnover of Rs.10 to 25 Crores approx. R.B & Co. is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler based in India distributing a full range of branded, comparator, controlled and rare to find pharmaceutical products. We are licensed by our FDA and Drug Controller India as a registered Wholesaler and Exporters of Pharmaceutical Products. Our license numbers are 20–B MH-NGP-51/04 and 21B MH-NGP-48-2004 We are a professionally managed fast growing company among the spectrum of Indian pharmaceutical companies which are spreading their wings across the globe. Our main focus is to supply comparator products and drugs used to combat life-threatening conditions – at competitive prices to various institutions and organizations in underdeveloped and developing countries of Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America. We also export all types of surgical equipment and medical accessories to clinical laboratories, hospitals and disaster management operations.

New Arrivals

  • Sorafenat Tab 200mg

  • Abraxane Inj 100mg

  • Alpostin Inj 500MCG

  • Aromasin Tab 25mg

  • Atgam Inj 250mg

  • Avastin Inj 100mg

  • Biceltis Inj 440mg

  • Arimidex Tab 1mg

  • Canmab Inj 440mg

  • Caphosol

  • Cellcept Tab 500mg

  • Consium Inj 100mg

  • Erlonat Tab 25/100/150mg

  • X-Tane Tab 25mg

  • Geftinat Tab 250mg

  • Glivec Tab 100/400mg

  • Halavan Inj 2ml

  • Herclon Inj 440mg

  • Hertraz Inj 150/440mg

  • Emgrast Inj 300MCG

  • Iressa Tab 250mg

  • Jakavi Tab 5/10/15mg

  • Mabthrea Inj 100/500mg

  • Mabtas Inj 500mg

  • Neupogen Inj 3.0m.i.u

  • Nexavar Tab 200mg

  • Prograf Tab 1mg

  • Remicade Inj 100mg

  • Reditux Inj 100/500mg

  • Sandostatin Lar Inj 20mg

  • Sutent 50mg

  • Synvisc One

  • Tarceva Inj 100/150mg

  • Tykerb Tab 250mg

  • Valcyde Tab 450mg

  • Veenat Tab 100/400mg

  • Xeloda Caps 500mg

  • X-Trant Tab 140mg

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  • Zometa Inj 4mg

  • Zytiga Tab 250mg
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